What does Nick Saban know about Lead Generation that you need to implement in your business?


The greatest coach in college football? That is the question that has been going around this last week based on the Alabama Crimson Tide winning the national championship for the 4th time with coach Nick Saban.

nick saban


Nick also won a national championship with another school taking his total to 5 championships.


That’s a lot of jewelry. One whole hand filled with rings. Pretty impressive. But is he the best? Probably pretty close, and I’m an Oklahoma Sooner fan and we have had some pretty good coaches through the years too!


So what does Nick Saban know about lead generation that you can use in yoru business?

Here are my 3 Key Things You Can Learn From Nick Saban About Lead Generation

1. You always have to have a pipeline

Nick Saban was asked a question during his media day about the time between the last game and the playoffs, and then the extra week before the actual championship game. His reply “it cost me a week of recruiting.”


Nick Saban knows that without good recruits, he doesn’t win championships. Your recruits in business are leads. You have to have enough leads to create a sustainable business that will always have revenue coming in the door.


pipelineSo what are you doing right now to produce quality leads? Do you have a way for them to easily learn about you? Can they contact you from the website? When they call are they treated as gold and all their information captured?


Don’t let your leads slip through the cracks – make sure you are are recruiting the right leads

2. Create Systems That Work

Nick Saban has a system for everything in his program. He has a playcalling system that obviously works. He has a recruiting system that gets him the best recruits year after year. He has a system to leading his staff and his team to victory.


What is your system for running your business? Do you have systems in place or ir everything in your head and you are the chief cook and bottle washer?


Successful business owners have systems in place that run day in and day out with or without them being there. You need to have systems in place

3. He Knows Who He Wants

Nick Saban knows each year what voids he has on his team. He has a certain number of scholarships and a certain number of spots on the team. Each year seniors leave and underclassmen step into their role and Nick’s job is to fill the team with new potential starters that will help him continue to dominate down the road.


Do you know who your ideal customer is? If not, how can you get the right leads to help your business grow? You have to define who you want to work with and know how you will help them.


For instance, I know that I typically work best with small business owners with 3-30 employees and between $500k and $5M in annual revenue. The 5 Gears System I teach and the expertise I bring to the table typically helps them see maximum results to grow their business.


Does that mean I can’t help a solopreneur? No way. Does that mean I can’t help a $10M business? No way. But they will come to me via referrals or organically not by me seeking them out. I know my “who” and I want to be sure I reach out to them over all others.


You have to know what leads to go after to be successful.


So can we learn from Nick Saban? You bet! Go recruit, put systems in place and know who you need to go after.


You too can be a national champion in your business. So learn from Nick Saban and be successful.


Jon “I’m not a ‘bama’ fan but a Nick Saban fan” Toy


Oh, I almost forgot – don’t forget to comment below and tell me what systems you have in place that help you run your business! Are they “Saban” like?