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How would a child view your prospect?

My daughter loves dolls. In fact for her birthday she went out on a very special date. It involved dinner, shopping and a dancing show with front row seats. It was quite a treat.

The shopping part of the event included purchasing a new doll. As she perused the aisles like a dog circling a table waiting for crumbs, she found herself drawn to a particular doll.
This doll happened to be of a different ethnicity than what we might have expected. Being the somewhat stereotypical parent my inclination was to steer her towards another doll, but she would have none of it. She made her decision and she received the doll.

Children have no impressions of differences or styles, they just see a doll. I was the one with the thought of not getting something different. Her innocence didn’t see anything other than a perfectly good doll.

So what does this have to do with business?


Our culture has taught us to judge by appearances almost immediately. I read somewhere that people make judgements about you in the first 3 seconds they see you.

3 seconds.

I can barely even say “hello my name is” in 3 seconds.

Yet we judge.

Do you judge prospects?

They are certainly judging you, but do you judge them?

This can be a dangerous path to go down and can end up costing you lots of money and opportunities in your business.

Here are 3 ways to avoid judging a prospect and ensuring you make the right decisions based on facts not assumptions

1) Know The Characteristics Of Your Best Prospect, Not The Looks

All too often we jump to conclusions about appearance and money.

Our society teaches that we have to “keep up with the Jones’ so we automatically think that looks are associated to level of income or ability to pay.
Not so fast my friend. In The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley states that most millionaires in America drive a Ford f-150 and wear no watch.

Compare that to the person that drives a Lexus and wears a Rolex. Who does your mind instantly associate with more money and more income?

They may both have lots or both have no money. You just don’t know.
We have to be careful to know the characteristics of our prospects not the looks. A few questions and discussions about pricing and services offered and you might detect that one is more willing to pay for great service and value than the other?

Know what questions to ask to get to the facts, not the fiction of appearance to avoid judging your prospect. In  my latest book I discuss first impressions in some detail under my first gear of my unique 5 Gear System – Conversation

2) Talk Value Not Price

So what questions should you ask to help determine characteristics of your ideal prospect?
Did you know that most wealthy individuals are much more willing to pay more for better value and service?

Certainly they don’t get wealthy by frivolously spending, but they do appreciate reliable service and value. If they are wealthy chances are their time is of extreme importance to them and they don’t want to have to deal with issues on the back end.

Ask good questions that will dig into what the prospect wants and what the true issue they need resolved is so you can learn more about the value you can provide. Every single product or service not regulated by the government has price elasticity and most likely you aren’t at the top!

So find the value in your product or service and learn the pain and know that the right prospect will be willing to pay for it no matter how they might appear.

3) Have A Scripted Sales Process

When you have a specific sales process to follow, you will find out what you need to know about the prospect every time.

When you leave it up to chance or to your sales team to figure it out, you will waste time on bad prospects.

What are the 5 things you expect to know about every prospect? Who besides that person is involved in the decision making process? What are the next steps and what are the true expectations of the prospect for your product or service?

These are just a few ideas to consider for your sales process.

Identify what you want to know, and have a process to be sure you know it every time.

Then track it and make sure your team is following the process.


So are you judging your prospects? Or are you purchasing the doll you like regardless of how it looks?

Know Your Prospect Characteristics
Talk Value Not Price
& Have A Scripted Sales Process

Go out there and find your ideal prospects no matter how they look. Oh…but please do brush your teeth and look nice when you meet them, remember they are judging too.