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WOW can look like Chocolate Chip Cookies to your customers

My family was returning from a week long trip to visit extended family and decided to stop to get food before the rest of the long drive home.

We pulled into a family friendly place that has a great indoor playground and lots of large cows telling us to “eat mor chikin.” A great choice for our family as everyone can find something they enjoy there.

We ordered our food and began eating. Some kids were playing, others still eating at the table when one of the employees approached us and asked “do you like cookies?”

Well it doesn’t take long for young kids to answer that question so our obvious reply was yes. He then proceeded to tell us that he would be bringing us 6 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in a to go bag and thanked us for dining there.

WOW.  2015-12-01 18.30.13

That was all I could say. The restaurant was pretty full and there were plenty of others that could have received this offer. Yet they came to us and gave us free cookies. And of course upon thanking the young man he politely said “my pleasure.”

A further indication of the amount of training and overall level of class that this business puts forward and acts out in their day to day interactions with customers.

That was a WOW. Free cookies for no reason at all. It certainly had us talking and now even me writing to tell you. My son loves to tell people about it and each time also mentions the “my pleasure” part.

So what do you do that is unexpected, surprising and most of all WOW’ing to your customers?

Do you do anything to WOW?


Here are 3 Ways To WOW Your Customers that are easy to implement ideas that can keep them talking and coming back time and time again:


  1. Say Thank You!

I probably emphasize this too much in my writings and teaching, but I just don’t feel like I can say it enough. Say Thank You! Do it in many ways. Send an email, call them on the phone, send a handwritten note, show up at their place of business to personally say thank you. There are so many ways to do this, yet so many businesses do nothing. Your customers are investing their hard earned dollars with you, the least you can do is find some way to make sure they know they are appreciated and thank them. thank you

I have used a variety of methods to thank including sending automated emails after an order, calling personally our top customers to regularly thank them and sending handwritten notes to orders I was involved with and wanted to be sure they knew it was appreciated.

Say Thank You!


  1. Give them a small gift.

Sometimes even the smallest gifts can mean a lot. I learned this from the medical industry. Many very successful practices will give new patient gifts. It might be a small bag with goodies in it, or it could be a water bottle with pens and literature inside. It could be a fancy box that includes future discounts and candy. You decide what is appropriate for you, but everyone enjoys walking away with something they didn’t

It’s an instant WOW regardless of the content. Even the restaurant we visited gave us cookies. That was enough to WOW us to talk about it and want to come back again.


  1. Follow up

Calling or emailing after a transaction is completed to see how everything turned out immediately sets you apart from your competitors. I spend a lot of money on a lot of different types of products and services. Less than 1% of the time do I actually get a follow up call or email to see how everything worked for me. That’s a sad fact. If you want to WOW and elevate your company in the eyes of your customers, follow up after you already have their money. This shows you care and shows that you are interested in them as a customer, not just their immediate money

These 3 things might seem obvious and elementary, but they are lacking in so many businesses in our world today. The businesses you remember and return to are the ones that take these extra steps and work to WOW you so you want to talk about them and come back.


What simple steps can you take this week to WOW your customers and make a lasting impression on them?

Spend some time brainstorming all the ways you currently say thank you, give gifts and follow up and see how you can improve on those ways or at least make sure they are done consistently.

WOW your customers and then watch your sales in crease by a factor of WOW.

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