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5 Strategies To Accomplish More Goals


Setting goals is a fun activity. You get to dream, write out your goals, put a deadline on them, and follow the SMART guidelines.


But then what? Most of us have done this, and the goals ended up in a drawer, notebook or somewhere else. We just don’t review them enough.

But we are so busy….so much to read, so much to do, so much URGENT stuff. How do we do this?


Well I wish I could say I was perfect, I’d be flat out lying. But here are a few strategies I use to help keep them in front of me.


1. Put them on your desktop on your computer

I typed them up, saved it as a jpg and set that as the wallpaper of my computer. I also printed this out and set it in a few key places in my home. Now each and every time I look at my computer, wake up or open my drawer – I happen to catch a few of my goals. And probably at least once a day i read them all.


2. Review them first thing each morning

I am definitely not as good at this one, but I have a document I try and review on my iPad that shows all my goals. So as I am starting to get going, I take a look at it, review what’s important and try and focus my daily actions on those goals.


3. Have current goals and long term goals

If you have to review one thing each day, review your current goals. Current can be monthly, quarterly or annual goals. Doesn’t really matter how you divide it up, but you want to make progress on your current ones because they should lead you to your long term goals.


4. Find a system to remind you automatically

I struggled with this for years, so I invented a system to remind me. Visit and you can set up text and email reminders about your 30 day goals. I just put one in for writing this article, now it’s done! I have to go change my goal. It will send you daily text messages and a few emails per week to keep your 30 day goal in front of you.


5. Use a 12 week year plan

I read Brian Moran’s book 12 Week Year. It is a very practical way to look at goals. So many times we get overwhelmed by setting annual targets. We don’t even know what is going to happen next week, much less 12 months from now. Great strategy to use. I recommend no more than 2-3 goals. Hard to narrow it down, but much more effective at completing it!



5 strategies to make your goals achievable and you to be victorious. The key question to ask yourself is: are your actions reflecting your goals??


The more you want them, the more you review them and the more action you take, the more your life will reflect your dreams.


Make it happen! In fact, go do something as soon as you finish reading this newsletter!


Let me know the most effective tool you use to write and set goals. Leave a comment below.