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Disney can WOW – can you?

My family and I just returned from an amazing trip to Walt Disney World. We had a wonderful time. Of course I’m the geeky business guy always noticing things about how they do business.

I’m not on the Fortune 100 yet…so I know I can learn a few things from a great growing company.

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that my latest book discusses 5 Gears for your business. Disney knows all 5 of these well!

I want to talk to you about how they use the 3rd gear – Captivation and WOW their customers.

One day when returning home from work I walked sluggishly across the street to our community mailboxes.

I opened the box and collected my stack of mail and surprisingly found a key to the boxes below. It’s always fun to know you have a package of some type.

I was unsure based on the packaging as to what it was. When I got inside and opened it…I was wow’d!

Once the outer packaging was opened – which was stealthly unlabeled – I immediately noticed the Disney characters of the movie The Incredibles.


Once the box was opened it revealed our “Magic Bands” for our upcoming trip. Not only were they customized to the colors we wanted, but they had our own names printed on the box above each band.

Disney knows how to “WOW”

They show up big…before I even arrived and spent more money.

So what do you do in your business to WOW your customers. How do you get them to say WOW and want to come back?

While your average ticket might not be well over $2k, it doesn’t take much to WOW in today’s world.

Here are a few real world examples:

  • Give them a gift bag – it can include candy, a coffee mug or water bottle, pens, pencils, notepads or other giveaways
  • Send them a gift card – $5 gift cards to Starbucks or Panera can go a long ways
  • Make a personal “Thank You” call – who does this anymore? No One, WOW them
  • Send a Hand Written note to thank them for the order. Again, it’s rare to get a hand written thank you note – so stand out
  • Send a picture of the completed project – framed, unframed, or even printed on something. If you have a product, be creative and send them something memorable about it

These are all small inexpensive ideas. Yet they can WOW your customers and make them talk about you to their friends, co-workers and family.

If you get them talking, you will get more referrals.

You don’t have to send “magic bands” to WOW. Find an easy way to wow your customers and start standing out to all!