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All the rage in today’s marketing world is content marketing. Publish content and you will grow your business.


I don’t disagree with that comment. I’ve known very successful business owners that have made a killing with many leads coming from their regular content. I publish regular content. But how do you keep up with creating fresh content? How do you keep making it relevant to your audience?


I offer 2 ideas from sources completely not related to content marketing

2 Ideas to Help You With Content Marketing


1. Speak Directly To Your Audience


According to Nielsen BookScan – Jeff Kinney was the highest grossing author of kids books. He publishes the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. Jeff stated that “I thought I was writing comics for adults until my publisher told me I had actually created a children’s series.”


He wrote to his intended audience (adults) yet reached an unintended group. He didn’t talk down to them or make assumptions. He just wrote what he wanted them to hear.


In your content marketing you need to write or film or talk to what your audience wants to hear. Sometimes what they want to hear is not always what they need to hear. That’s a big difference. Talk to what they want, not what they need. Then as you gain trust, you can teach them what they need…and make some money in the process.


So whether you write, publish a podcast, or just do a Facebook live video – think about what your audience wants. Then talk to them directly.


When I write I imagine having this conversation with one of my private clients or mastermind members. I can easily see how I could take this quote from Jeff Kinney and relate it to their business and  their dealings with clients.


Speak directly to your audience and give them what they want.


2. Re-purpose Your Content


It’s no secret that content can be re-purposed. But that doesn’t always make it easy. I struggle with this and do an okay job at it. But I know I can improve through video, audio and even products.


A great example of this not related to content marketing is in the world of Broadway.

All the rage today is about the hip hop hit Hamilton. It’s not secret the source of this play – Ron Chernow’s book Alexander Hamilton.


It’s re-purposed content. And it’s kicking butt and taking names.


In fact, 3 top grossing shows on Broadway are based on books.

The Phantom of the Opera has grossed over $1.06 Billion dollars. Wicked comes in with over $1.03 Billion and Les Miserables at $538 million. (source: The Broadway League)


All three based on novels with a combined sale of over 4.8 million copies of the books themselves (source: Nielsen Bookscan).

Someone took the book and made it into a musical smash hit. It’s basic repurposing on a grander scale.



So how do you re-purpose content? 



Blog entry – turn it into an audio format.


Podcast – get it transcribed and turn it into a blog.


Facebook live video – post it as a blog entry and get it transcribed.



Now you have 3-4 times the content power. Each one with different merit in the online world.


Each one a new opportunity to reach a new audience. Not everyone learns or consumes information in the same way. So be sure you aren’t leaving people out in the cold.


So how is your content marketing? Does it exist? Is it working?


Start speaking directly to your audience and re-purpose that content!


Then get leads, convert them to buyers and grow your business!