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My daughter recently lost a tooth. Two within about 2 months. She went to bed excited as all kids are after losing a tooth. The tooth was in a baggie under her pillow ready for mucho dinero from the tooth fairy.

Next morning, rising to check her pillow – nothing. Just a tooth in a bag.

Now before you accuse me of being a horrible parent destroying my kids hopes and dreams of magical mystical fairies, let me explain.

Daddy just forgot. I forgot.

No excuse, I was downstairs working late, watching TV, snacking when I shouldn’t have been snacking. I forgot. Went to bed and then had a toothless smiling little girl up early in the morning saying “why didn’t the tooth fairy come?”

Well of course we forgot to leave the window open. Isn’t that obvious?

Next day, money under pillow. But…next tooth. Same thing happened. Oops. At least I was the one who shut the window this time to help keep them warm.

So what does this have to do with you?

I see many businesses in my daily interactions and work and for some reason many seem to believe that their customers are the tooth fairy.

They have a cool new product or service, or they just haven’t seen them in a while and they magically expect their customers to show up and give them money. You may have even experienced this as a buyer, or your business may be doing the same thing.

But customers forget.

The tooth fairy needs to be reminded why your business is the best possible option and why they better not forget you or they will experience pain in trying to figure it all out again.

So…Don’t expect your customers to be the tooth fairy.

In my business I work hard to make sure I don’t forget the value of my clients. I work hard to make sure you always know who I am, what all I offer, how else I can help you reach your goals, and overall, make sure you know you are appreciated.

So how do I do this?

I can rattle off just a few ways: a monthly in person meeting I host, a monthly printed newsletter, personal notes with publications I find interesting and applicable, a fairly regular blog entry and email informing my clients, calls to say hello, emails with great content, special offers, networking and more.

Building strong relationships is the core to a successful business and to creating clients that enjoy doing business with you.

That’s my goal. I hope you feel appreciated.

So you won’t see me dressing up like the tooth fairy (that would be very scary and ugly anyways) and I won’t expect you to be the tooth fairy and show up with money in hand when I don’t remind you, thank you, educate you and make you feel special.

Thank you! I hope you feel special and I hope to see  or talk to you soon!

Jon “not a good tooth fairy” Toy