Fun, Entertaining and Informative

Entertain and educate your audience at the same time. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining speaker that isn’t all “fluff,” then Jon Toy is your speaker.

Jon brings over 12 years of brick and mortar business ownership experience plus consulting and coaching with small businesses and ties it into a fun, easy to digest and enlightening experience for audience members.

If you are an event organizer, association executive or host a group of business owners, you know the challenge of finding new and insightful information to make your event look good and your members receive great value. Jon’s promise is to present down to earth strategies tied to fun and entertaining stories so everyone feels engaged and leaves ready to put new ideas into action.

Jon’s proven system for implementing 5 Gears for Growth into any business helps businesses get more new customers, get more out of existing customers and greatly increase the number of new referrals and online reviews they receive.

A typical talk can be 60 or 90 minutes and every attendee receives a free copy of Jon’s latest book Geared for Growth: A Parable About Transforming Your Business Into a Success & Profits Machine.

This book walks through the journey of a brick and mortar business owner that is struggling and encounters a new mentor at a quite unlikely place. This meeting transforms his life and business forever.

Based on the request and location speaking fees may vary or be waived. Products and services are available to sell from the presentation with revenue sharing opportunities.

If your audience consists of business owners, then let Jon come inspire, excite, motivate and most importantly give clear action items to improve their business.

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