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What Did You Say? 2 Formulas For Saying The Right Things To The Right Prospects

(Lead Generation 3 of 5)



“Fresh, hot and delivered in 30 minutes or less guaranteed!”


Who made that statement popular?

Domino’s Pizza of course. Domino’s started in a college town and their goal was to meet that quick craving for pizza. They wanted it hot and fresh out the oven, but more importantly college students wanted it FAST.

Dominoes built their reputation on fresh, hot and fast pizza.


Did you notice what it didn’t say about the pizza?

It never says it tastes good. Perhaps it implies that, but it doesn’t say it. And if you remember old Dominoes pizza, it honestly didn’t taste all that great.


They knew what to say. They said it to the right people. They grew fast!


Domino’s Pizza had a Unique Selling Proposition. And it worked.


So what is your Unique Selling Proposition?

What do you say to your leads?


In part one of this series we talked about the two types of leads. In part two we dove into how you identify YOUR right prospect. Now, let’s dig into what you actually say to them!


The key to attracting your ideal clients is saying the right thing.


What is most important to them? Don’t talk about what’s important to you, or what you think should be important to them. It probably doesn’t matter.

Don’t go on and on about accredidations, years in business, great customer service. All are facts, but probably not most important to your customers and prospects.


Never assume you know what they care about. Always be asking and learning more about the problems you solve, the results they achieve and why they are choosing to work with you.

Armed with this information, you can now tackle what to say.


 2 Formulas For Saying The Right Things To The Right Prospects



1.     Formula Number 1: We help (blank) with (blank) even if (blank)

I attended a conference in Nashville, TN  many years ago and heard one of the most famous copywriters of all time, John Carlton, discuss this USP formula.

He focused on each section and why it was so important.

First, you are calling out exactly who you work with. Be specific to your audience. Make sure that the right person hearing it knows it is for them

Second, you address the problem. What is the issue they are facing? Why would they need your services? Why should they even listen to what you have to say.

Third, you relate to them by tying in some common struggle or expression stated by your audience.


Now you test this message with a variety of different advertising medias.

You can use this formula in print, direct mail, facebook ads, linkedIn posts, adwords campaigns, newspaper ads, radio, TV and more!

There is no limit to the places you can test this formula. Test it until you find the exact right combination to bring you the best prospects!

Once you find the winning phrase, use it until it stops producing your best prospects and clients!

You have your Unique Selling Proposition.


Examples might include:


  • We help you wake up happy and pain free with a unique process designed to best assess your sleep needs and recommend a customized solution. We guarantee you will love your new mattress even if your spouse snores louder than a mack truck and flip flops all night like fish out of water. (Gardner’s Mattress & More – Lancaster PA –
  • I help first time homebuyer’s find the home of their dreams even if they have no money to put down and less than ideal credit scores
  • We help law firms currently printing thousands of documents a month save thousands of dollars a year using our unique refurbished printer system and 50 point inspection process. It saves money every time even if you have your own printer already and buy refilled toner.



2.     Formula Number 2: How to (Yeah!) without (Boo!)

A famous internet marketer by the name of Frank Kern teaches this formula for creating your Unique Selling Proposition.

He says there are only two important things – the YEAH – your results, and the BOO – their pain.

This simple formula makes it easy to carve out how you will help someone with their pain.

Plug in the results you help clients achieve and the pain they DO NOT want to go through.


Examples include:


  • Lose 10 pounds fast without dieting or exercises
  • Get 10 new customers in 10 days without spending any money
  • 5 Ways to Increase Sales without hiring another salesperson


So write out as many YEAH’s – your results – that you can think of.

Then write out all the BOO’s – their pain or frustration they want to avoid – and combine them into a sample Unique Selling Proposition.

This can then be tested over and over again just as in formula one we discussed the many ways to test your new USP.


You know the types of leads. You know your perfect lead. Now you know what to say to them.

Next we will dive into all the types of ways to reach them!

Go write out your USP now and start using it to see how many new prospects you can attract!

Just remember that Even Domino’s Pizza had to adjust their Unique Selling Proposition in today’s world. You won’t find “Fresh, hot and delivered in 30 minutes or less” anymore…except in a museum.

Always rely on the numbers to tell you when it’s time to start testing new USP’s to find the next winner.



What is the biggest result you help your clients with? Comment below so we can help you write your next USP.