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Join The Gang – Go Where They Hang Out

(Lead Generation 4 of 5)


Do you remember high school?

That awkward time in life when you were trying to figure out who you were and identify with similar people?


Everyone has high school stories. Some still like to tell them, re-living their “so called” glory days.

I wasn’t a big fan of high school myself.


Picture a tall, goofy, not that athletic red head. I had many strikes against me.

I was made fun of, ridiculed and struggled to “fit in” many times. But it’s okay, I turned out alright, no need to feel bad for me.


So what’s the point of discussing high school and our “not so wonder” more like “awkward years?”


Finding your ideal prospects is a lot like high school.

You need to find where your ideal prospects hang out, what they talk about, what they do and you have to get in with the gang.


Just like me, the awkward tall red head trying to fit in, now I have to speak to interests, pains and challenges that I can solve for my ideal prospects. I have to join the gang.

In order to join the gang, you have to know where they hang out.



3 Steps To Finding Where Your Ideal Prospects Hang Out



1.     Ask Them

Surveys can get a bad wrap.

But data about your customers coming from your customers is gold.


However you choose to find that information – digitally or through meeting with them in person or on the phone – ask them where they hang out.

If you took the next 10 days to call 2 top customers every day and ask them where they get their industry information –  you would find trends and common places filled with your ideal prospects.



Make a chart of who you asked, what industry they are in, what they read, which shows they attend, what sites they visit online or get other information relative to their field.

Find any commonly stated locations or places that you know you want to target.


You now have your hit list to get started and research the “gang” of your best prospects.


2.     Use Google

Google is the number one search engine on the planet! Not news to you, but there are some unique ways to use it to find more information.

To find blogs related to your field, type in the search field blogs:(your ideal prospsect industry).


For example: blogs:business.

It pulls only blogs related to business.


To find forums, do the same type search –

forums:(your ideal prospect or topic here).


This allows you to focus on where you might find your ideal prospects.

It doesn’t have to be a broad topic either.


I tried blogs:mothers of twins. It brought up only blogs or blog directories related to mothers of twins.

I also tried forums:IT service providers. Again, forums full of IT service providers – all sharing questions, challenges and frustrations looking for answers.


You can use this to find information about your prospects, places they may be turning to for information and advice.

Read the top finds. Research more about your prospects. Use this to write your ad and speak to the pains of your ideal prospect.


3.     Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is becoming the B2B source for prospecting and identifying your prospects. Using LinkedIn you can identify where your prospect works. You can learn about positions they have held or currently hold. You can see who they know that you know.


For learning where they hang out you can identify which groups they belong to.


Groups are generally easy to join and give you powerful information about what is important to your prospects. The more targeted the group the better the opportunity for you to find ideal prospects.


Use the groups to identify your targets. Make a list of members. Try to connect with them by finding something in common to include in your invitation. Then don’t try and sell right away.


Thank them for connecting and create a custom series of messages to send that add value. Then go for the sale after they have received value.



There are many ways to find out where your prospects hang out. It’s your job to find those places, learn their pain points, then create a sales funnel to go attract them to you.


You can’t spend a dollar on advertising that works if you don’t know where your prospects are.


So go join the gang. Find where they hang out and start showing up everywhere!

Now you are the expert to helping them with their problems.


So how do you find out where your prospects hang out? Leave a comment below and let me know.