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I recently watched the movie “Gods & Kings: Exodus” starring Christian Bale. It was a Hollywood re-telling of the story of Moses and his many great adventures in the first two thirds of his life.


Epic battles, great effects and an overall decent portrayal of the Biblical story. There is always room for interpretation, but that’s not the point of this blog. I want to focus on the ending.

Spoiler alert…if you haven’t seen the movie or haven’t read Exodus in the Bible, you might want to exit out. But if you have, stay tuned in.


The ending brings a crashing Red sea down upon the evil Egyptians who were chasing after God’s people. The movie shows the power of the flood gates opening and the sea being returned to it’s original state.


The floodgates were opened. The sea came rushing in.


This flood of power and might wasn’t leads for a business, but I want you to have that image of a huge rush of power flowing freely. That is what you want to create for your business through new leads.


As you might have seen in the prior posts (Which Type Of Lead Do You Chase, How Do Find Your Needle In A Haystack, What Did You Say, and Join The Gang) there are quite a few steps to creating your own lead flow.


Once you test it and find a winner, however, the leads will come to you.


So what is your plan to create your lead generation flood?


Let’s recap:



  • Have a plan for both new leads and your current customers (they are still leads for other products and services and referrals)
  • Have a way to clearly find where they hang out, what they read and what their biggest struggles are
  • Talk to them the right way – you need a clearly defined unique selling proposition
  • Go where they are and use the media they consume



So let’s assume you own a dry cleaning business. You want to find a way to generate more new leads. You also know that your delivery service to business owners has been valuable to you and they have the least amount of problems and pay the quickest.


You want to target more locally owned business owners.


1 – You are targeting local new leads

2 – You have found that there are over 1,000 businesses on one of your routes currently that do not use your services. (Note: this might be an estimate, but if a dry cleaner is delivering on a route, they aren’t getting everyone)

3 – You are the only dry cleaner in town that picks up and delivers in the same day or next day (typical service is 3-4 days – that’s your Unique Selling Proposition)

4 – You find that many are members of the local Chamber of Commerce


Here is how you put this all together:


You purchase a list of all businesses on that route. You then purchase a list from your local Chamber of Commerce. You merge the data only getting businesses on your route that are also members (400). Assuming you are a member, you can now write a letter telling them you are a fellow member with an “out of this world” offer for them.


Make a great offer that would create action. Same day pick up and delivery service for 2 suits  – with a value. Also have a second offer such as join our monthly dry cleaning club for 20% off this month only and get unlimited dry cleaning picked up and delivered to your business.


Write and send 3 letters to only those businesses on that route and in the Chamber. Then follow up calling yourself or using a calling service.


This strategy would cost no more than $1,400 (2 lists at $100, 3 mailings at $400 each – assuming 400 leads were on the route and members of the Chamber)


If your average dry cleaning business client is worth $800 a year, you only need 2 new clients to pay for the entire campaign!


With 4 touches and a great offer, I can’t imagine having anything less than 4 new clients and I would suspect closer to 12-15 new clients.


That is how you make lead generation work. I did it the hard way here – using expensive media. But the same concept works for email blasts, Facebook ads, even advertising in the Chamber Directory. You have to touch them as many times as possible with the right message and the right offer.


If you decided to just blitz the market with a boring 4×6 postcard (or even a really cool designed by an ad agency postcard), I would imagine having to send at least 10,000 postcards 3x to get the same results. That costs a lot more than $1,400 and won’t be nearly as effective.


It’s not matched to the right audience.



So the main lesson to learn from all of these posts:


  • Think through who you want as a new lead.


  • Think through how to reach them best.


  • Think through what message will get them to relate and act on an offer


  • Then execute on getting that out continually until it stops producing leads and growing your business.


What are you waiting on? Go get more leads and new customers. Your business depends on it!