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How To Find Your Needle In The Haystack

(Lead Generation Part 2 of 5)


I have a toddler in the house. He is all boy and all 3. Constantly on the go. Into anything that he seems to be interested in at the moment. Always keeping my wife and I on our toes.

So when we have not seen or heard from him in a few minutes, we begin to worry. We need to quickly identify where he is and what he is up to. Our solution was to come up with a phrase for him to say when we come calling. So we settled on “momma.”

Now in our quest to find the mischievous toddler we cry out “say Momma.”

To which he proudly replies “say momma.”

Humorous to us, but now we can find him, correct him if needed, and rest in peace or clean up a new mess.

It’s our way to find a needle in the haystack known as our house.


In this series on lead generation we are exploring how you can find more leads for your business. The first article focused on 2 types of leads. New leads – which most business owners pursue like crazy and spend LOTS of money to get – and existing customers – not as frequently viewed as leads. You can catch up and read it by clicking here.

Now we want to focus on how to identify and find your ideal new leads.

Existing customers are already found and have invested with you, all you need to do is invest more in them.

New leads must be sought after and found. You must cry out “say momma” and hope they reply.

Here are 3 Key Ways to Find Your Ideal Leads (Needle In A Haystack)


1.  Know Who They Are

The first step to finding your needles in haystacks – or great new leads – is really knowing who they are.

What does your ideal new customer look like?

You need to go through a series of demographical questions to identify who you want to pursue.

Here are just a few questions to consider:


  • What industry are they in?
  • Is it a consumer or a business?
  • Where do they tend to “hang out” or congregate – read or browse?
  • What size is the business or what is the household income?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their position in work?


There are hundreds more questions to review when identifying your ideal prospect.

Don’t skip this very important step before you spend any money on lead generation. It might be the difference in burning money and transforming your business.


2. Dig Deeper Into Who They Are

The next step after identifying their demographics is digging into their psychographics. What is going on in their mind?

This includes questions such as:


  • What does their work or home environment look like?
  • What do they see on a daily basis?
  • What do they dream about?
  • What really annoys or frustrates them on a daily basis?
  • If they had a day off to do whatever they wanted, what would they do?


These questions dig into the emotional state of your leads.

Without knowing this information your ads or conversations will be very surface level and ineffecitve. You want to connect with your prospects emotionally, not just spouting off features and benefits of your products or services.

So dig deep. Really get to know your potential leads. Get to the “hot buttons.”


Finding a needle in a haystack is tough. But if you have enough haystacks, you will have enough needles- or leads.

Businesses tend to rely on “one” all too often. One key employee. One key account. One way to find new leads.

What happens when that ONE goes away? Or what happens when the government regulates that ONE and it is no longer effective or worse, affordable?

You need to be in as many places as your ideal clients may be hanging out reading, browsing or physically meeting. If you have a great offer and messaging that makes them relate to you, having many haystacks will bring many leads.

Don’t rely on one source for leads. Find many.


Figure out who you like working with that is the most profitable. Dig into your ideal leads demographics, dig deeper into their psychographics, then show everywhere they are!

Your “say momma” might just pull in a few more big clients and transform your business.


The next article is going to dig into what you are actually saying to your ideal leads.

Don’t “say momma,” that only works with my toddler and maybe a repeating pet parrot.


So how do you figure out where to find your best leads?

Let me know what works best for you by commenting below.