My wife and I participated in a parenting class at our church. We have 3 kids and we both know we have plenty to learn.

Being the business minded person that I am, it got me thinking about goal setting and how I set goals for just about everything. But what are my goals for my family and my kids? Do I have goals for them?

Sometimes the most important things in life we don’t invest nearly as much time into as the less important things in life. My family just happens to be second in my life only next to my faith in God. So why don’t I have equal amounts of goals for my faith and my family as I do for my business and career?

I have taken time to write down goals in the past for my faith and my family, but not really put as much into it as I should. So this parenting class challenged me. We had to come up with a “game plan” for parenting.

Or in other words, what are our goals? The most important goals to have?

How do we want to handle our relationship with our children and what do we ultimately want them to become?

Reading and listening to the news today can get you quite frustrated and depressed. You might think there isn’t much left to be hopeful for…..until you really look around.

America is still full of great families raising good kids and working hard to ensure they have even greater opportunities. We recently visited a theme park and it was quite apparent to me that the American family is still alive and well.

And what is the American family if not goals and aspirations for your kids and for your family?

We all have special people in our lives and we all have high hopes for those we love. Those are nothing more than great goals that we can clearly impact and help to achieve.

So as you look at your loved ones and family – for me my kids and their future – what are your goals and aspirations?

You know they have deadlines, because each day those kids get older. How are you going to affect the lives of others in a positive way to help them reach those goals you have for them?

They might not always buy into your goals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep helping to achieve those goals.

So think about your family goals. What do you want to accomplish?

How long do you have to accomplish them? What did you do today to help get achieve that goal.

Our business lives tend to consume our thinking and take over our energy. We need to stop each day and be thankful for what we have.

We need to have The Most Important Goals – and we need to be sure we work on them each day.

So here is my challenge to you:

Take a minute right now, write out 2 things you want to do with your family over the next week.

Then write down 2 things you want to do with your family over the next month.

Then write down 2 things you want to do with your family this year.

Don’t overcomplicate it, just write something down.

Play a game. Go to a movie. Go on a walk. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Have a pillow fight.

Whatever you write, it’s right!

Take a minute to do this now.

Write it out. Keep it in front of you. And remember, goals aren’t always about business; they are dreams about life….with deadlines.

So what’s one thing you wrote down? Share it in the comments below