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My family visited Disney World. And it wasn’t just my immediate family.

We had grandparents, both sets, brothers and sisters in laws, cousins, the whole shabang! It was a great group. 14 to be exact. All at the same hotel, all heading to parks on the same days and all spending fun time together

But as you can imagine, 14 people is a herd. It’s no longer a stroll through the park, it’s an adventure just figuring out what to do next and where we are meeting, going and eating.

Fortunately we had made some prior plans, so we at least had some perspective on what was going to occur. And we had a great time.

I will say though that there were times when there were only about 7-8 of us when it seemed much more relaxed. The whole group had a blast together, but a herd is a herd. Little kids have to pee, someone’s always hungry and big kids hate kiddie rides. A herd is a herd.

Sometimes we just have to thin the herd a bit to be controlled, calm and relaxed. Still fun both ways, just a bit of a different state of mind.

So what does this have to do with your business?

Your customers are your herd. And you do have a choice on who you let in.

Here are 3 Tips On Choosing Your Customers:

1. Always always always have a minimum order

For many years early in my business I would take any business that came in the door. If they had a pulse and green money or a credit card and were ready to buy, I’d take it.

Now we are a bit more selective. It doesn’t take a genius in math to realize that a $5 order for a custom product costs a lot more to produce even if the hard cost is much less.

Cost of sale (time with salesperson), cost to design, cost to make, cost to wait for pick up, cost to deliver or service at pick up, etc.

The hidden costs of business. So always have a minimum.

Otherwise, you might as well hand them money and tell them to go to your competitor!

2. Clone your best customers

It’s one thing to think about who is your ideal customer. Everyone can dream of an ideal customer. That’s easy – fit a certain avatar, have money, will buy!

The hard part is finding them in the real world. Start by looking at your top 3 customers.

What industry are they in. What position is the person you deal with in. Where are they located (local, regional, national, international). How many employees. How much revenue. How many salespeople, etc.

There are many demographics you can examine, but this will help you quickly identify at least 3-4 HOT targets for you. Who are their top competitors?

Find their competitors. Call them up. Start selling.

And you might even mention that another “big player” in their industry trusts you to take care of them. People love to know they are understood and that they are getting service that their competition is getting too.

Clone your best customers.

3. Fire Bad Customers

I hear so many business owners tell me that they could never dream of saying no to a customer.

Why not? You said No to your mom? What’s the difference? In fact, mommy has a much better reason to be mad!

You have to know what you are good at and what you are not. Find strategic partners you can trust to send customers to when they are not a good fit.

Or, find bad partners to send the bad customers to right away…wait, did I just say that?

Either way, if a customer is not profitable, fire them. Move on. There are more fish in the sea. Go fish for them. Refer back to number 2 above.

A good customer buys, refers, reviews, and is open to ideas from you to help you grow.

Fire bad customers.


So there you go. Thin your herd so you only have the best and the most profitable.

You can still take a group to Disney, but be sure you get some time to yourself and your immediate family. Better yet, you and your spouse alone!

Have you ever fired a customer? Comment below and let me know Yes or No..and details if you so desire