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I heard a story about a man who was in the restroom and noticed that in the urinal there was a $5 bill. The man next to him chuckled and said “well what are you going to do about that, is $5 worth it?” The man at the urinal calmly pulled out a $50 bill, dropped it in the urinal, then proceeded to pick them both up.

The shocked onlooker asked “why on earth did you do that?”

The man stated, “well I wasn’t really interested in sticking my hand in there for a $5 bill, but for $55 I would do it all day long.”

How much money does it take for you to go digging in the toilet? Chances are your website is already flushing money down and you aren’t even aware of it.

What is the purpose of your website? Do you really know? Do you have a goal for your website? If not, then we need to seriously consider why it’s there.

After all, if you’re a member of Marketing Insiders Elite – you’re trying to maximize your social media, but you can’t do that without a website that works for your business.

So why does your website exist?

Some common answers include: information, contact us, learn more about us, request something.

Sadly an answer not commonly mentioned: GET A LEAD OR A SALE!!

If your website is not providing you with leads or sales, you are flushing your dollars down the toilet. Worse, many times you keep dumping money into it, like tossing a $50 bill on top of a urine soaked $5 and then still not willing to dig in and get your money back, but throwing another $50 on top of the pile.

Stop wasting dollars and start getting your money out.

Here are 4 Ways you can start getting money out of your website right away:

1) Give your visitor something they want in exchange for what you want:

What is the number one reason they are at your site? If it’s information – then why aren’t you offering them even more information in exchange for what you want – their info.

This might sound more complicated than it is. Most all websites have some type of “sign up” on their site. It’s generally such a weak call to action that most visitors don’t even notice. And who will really sign up for more email not knowing exactly what they will get or why it would be important to them?

Give them a little information and then ask them to Opt-In for the rest of the information. Some will some won’t. But without a chance for them to give you something in exchange for what they want, you’ll never be able to monetize your website and you’ll keep staring at the $5 in the toilet.

2) Have a very clear call to action:

What is the first thing you want every visitor to do? Is it opt in to your giveaway? Then make that big and clear on the home page.

Is it to call you? Make your phone number big and clear with a button and an arrow that says “call now”.

People don’t like to think, they like to be told what to do. don’t make them guess. I can’t tell you how many times I get to a page and I can’t tell what they want me to do? And I’m looking for it. Others, just click away and are gone forever like a vanishing mist.

Use the squinty eye 5’ test. If you step back and squint your eyes to view your site from 5 feet away, what do you see first? Is it clear? Do you know what to do?

Make sure what you want every visitor to do is very clear and apparent on the home page.

3) Re-Target your visitors:

This might sound a bit creepy, but it is so effective. The techy guys created a way that every person that visits your site is captured virtually.Now you can “follow” them around the internet trying to get them back to your site instead of your competition. This can be done through facebook ads ( as taught in this newsletter regularly) and internet ads.

Now they think you are everywhere. And you are, at least everywhere they are.If you don’t know how to do this, find someone that can do it for you, but you need to stay in front of your website visitors and make them a lead and hopefully a customer.

So don’t stare at the money in the toilet. Pull your website up now and see if you meet these three criteria.

Have a valuable opt-in, Have a very clear call to action, and follow them around the internet

Start doing these 3 actions and you will clearly see an increase in your leads and in your sales.